Gearhead is focused like a freakin’ laser beam on putting you in the car of your dreams.

WARNING: If you’re a Biff or Muffy who just loves your beamer with the Samsonite roof rack, exit now. But if you love to run the dog-snot out of your pumped and pimped vehicle, and then use it to troll for hoochie mommas or score points with your old lady, settle in.

At Gearhead, we renovate existing cars with matching parts or build ‘em from scratch. We don’t put lipstick on pigs—we kill the damn pig, eat the barbecue, and then get to work on pushing engines and bending chassis. You can even buy totally finished rods that will fry anything on the street.

Check out our “Custom Page” for the upload on our restoration chops, and our “Showroom Page” for some of the sweetest sheet metal on four wheels. Then click on “Shows” for our next tour stops.

Is your head where our head is at?

Yeah? Then welcome to Gearhead!

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